* LOIPL Omni Credit Notes are pre-paid instruments issued by Qwikcilver Solutions Private Limited.
* These Credit Notes are redeemable at Lifestyle, Home Centre and select Max and Melange Stores within India.
* Credit Notes are also redeemable for online purchases at LifestyleStores.com. HomeCentre.com and MaxFashion.com.
* Credit Notes are valid for ONE year from the date of issue.‎
* Credit Notes cannot be used at Cafes/Food Courts within Lifestyle.
* Credit Notes can be redeemed multiple times online, till the balance is exhausted. In case of partial redemptions at Stores (i.e. if the invoice value is lower than the value on the Credit Note), a new Credit Note shall be issued for the unused part of the instrument.
* If the purchase value exceeds the value of the Credit Note, the differential value should be paid by the customer who redeems the Credit Note.
‎* Credit Note cannot be transferred for balance or redeemed for cash, nor can be it be exchanged for a gift card.
* All disputes are subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction.